Choosing the Right Size Mouldings for Your Project

Choosing the right size of skirting boards or moulding requires you to invest your time into taking measurements of the site. However, if you are placing a custom order for skirting boards then, you should follow the following set of instructions to ensure that you are getting a right product for your house:

  1. Space matters

  2. One of the first proportions that you should pay attention to is the space of the ceiling or wall then, determine your plans for the space. It is a well-known fact that one should resort to using large-sized skirting boards for high ceilings and smaller skirting boards for smaller rooms. However, this fact is long debunked, so you can use smaller mouldings on a high ceiling for adding an illusion of height to it, and it would help with making your room taller and spacious.

  3. Practicality
  4. If you live in a house with high traffic then, you should consider a high skirting board for adding a better layer of protection to your house, especially when you are using it in conjunction with wallpaper or bold color paint.

    You should choose a skirting board with a length of 185mm or more for ensuring its practicality level. It has been confirmed by experts that a skirting board with such length is responsible for adding a practical appeal to your house.

  5. Your house style
  6. If you have a period or antiquated home then, you should choose a higher skirting board. It would allow you to impart a traditional feel to your house. It has been speculated that period style houses used a skirting board with a dimension of 200mm, which illustrated the social status of the homeowners.

    However, if your house is rather modern and you want something with a minimalistic appeal and clean lines then, you should resort to skirting boards with dimensions of 135mm or less.